In the middle of nature

On the banks of the Tarn

Activities and visits to the hinterland of the Écrin Vert, campsite with the Aveyron fishing label

A reel green setting

Accommodation labelled by the Aveyron Fishing Federation.

Whether you are an enthusiast, a novice or a curious person, our river is full of different species. The Lacroux dam and its launch are 50 m from the campsite, in front of the castle. Easy access pontoon, pontoon for people with reduced mobility. Thanks to our labeled accommodation, you can spend a few days with your family on the banks of the Tarn and enjoy fishing for carnivores, carp and white fish.
It is also possible to fish in a float-tube. If you prefer river fishing, you can go up to the Girbes bridge, a beautiful site where the Tarn river meets the Lacroux dam.
Staying at the Écrin Vert gives you easy access to the many activities offered nearby, such as fishing, canoeing, cycling and walking in the forest. The campsite is also a perfect starting point for exploring the region in all its splendor.

Brousse-Le-Château is located 7 km from the Écrin Vert campsite in Aveyron

Brousse-Le-Château, 7 km away

A fortified castle on the Road of the Lords of Rouergue in Aveyron overlooking its medieval village, classified as the Most Beautiful Village in France. Proudly standing with its towers and fortified enclosure, the castle dominates the Tarn valley, between Albi and Millau.

Notre-Dame Cathedral of Rodez, 51 km away

The construction of Notre-Dame Cathedral of Rodez began in 1277 and was not completed until the 16th century. These three centuries of work gave rise to one of the most imposing Gothic cathedrals in the south of France. Made of pink sandstone, the building is distinguished by its fortress-like west façade, which was once part of the city walls, and by its bell tower.

Notre-Dame Cathedral of Rodez is 51 km away from the Écrin Vert nature campsite in Aveyron

Albi Cathedral, 45 km away

Sainte-Cécile cathedral in Albi is the first tourist site visited in the UNESCO listed Episcopal city. Sainte-Cécile, the largest brick cathedral in the world, has the appearance of a fortified castle and offers those who enter a striking collection of paintings, sculptures and statues. More than 800,000 visitors cross the threshold every year.

Albi Cathedral is located 45 km away from the Écrin Vert family campsite in Aveyron
Coupiac castle is 16 km away from the Écrin Vert campsite, near the Tarn Valley

Coupiac castle, 16 km away

In the heart of the village of Coupiac, the 15th century castle opens its door and allows you to discover the daily life of the Middle Ages.

19 km from the campsite, on the banks of the river, the Écrin Vert, is the Saint-Izaire castle in Occitanie

Saint-Izaire castle, 19 km away

A 14th century castle whose imposing mass of red sandstone does not reveal the refinement of its interior decoration.

Canoe and kayaks rentals at two bases, within 10 km

Along the Tarn river, canoeing offers breathtaking views. This idyllic setting is ideal for cutting yourself off from the world, and enjoying the joys of nature.

Canoe and kayak rentals at two bases, less than 10 km from the Écrin vert, nature campsite in Aveyron

Micropolis Insect City, 55 km away

Located in the magnificent natural setting of Saint-Léons, the Micropolis insect city offers a unique adventure in Europe. It is the only place where parents and children can explore, marvel and experience a new world of tiny animals, but with huge surprises in store.

Micropolis Insect City is 55 km away from the Écrin Vert family campsite in Aveyron
Discover the Ségala-Pradinas animal park, located a few kilometers from the Écrin Vert campsite in Aveyron

Discover the Ségala-Pradinas animal park

Discover the animals at Pradinas Animal Park.
Carnivores, birds of prey, herbivores, exotic birds and other animals will join you for an exceptional day!

46 km from the Écrin Vert campsite near Rodez, is the Acroparc du Mas

Acroparc du Mas, 46 km away

An adventure ground/park where sensations and emotions mingle to flirt with a gentle, beautiful and wild nature!
7 tree courses - Children’s leisure area - Relaxation area & Snack bar, river access & private beach - Canoeing, Tubbing - JUMP’airbag.